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  in·no·va·tion   1 

1:   the introduction of something new

2:   a new idea, method, or device : NOVELTY



 BLink (Bluffs Community Wi-Fi) will boost connectivity across the Bluffs, linking residents and visitors to resources, opportunities and each other. All Council Bluffs Community School District buildings are broadcasting BLink. Community members attending events at the schools can connect to BLink on the school campuses. In the near future, BLink will be available at the Gale Wickersham Athletic Complex for all those attending events at the stadium. At project completion, BLink will reach the doorstep of most homes and businesses in Council Bluffs - demonstrating our city's commitment to community-wide access and growth 

Iowa Innovation Corporation


  At Iowa Innovation Corporation, we’re looking at things differently. We have to because the future of Iowa’s economy depends on it. We are building on years of public/private collaboration to grow Iowa’s innovation economy so that Iowa’s businesses have the infrastructure and talent to succeed ... 

Kitchen Council


 Kitchen Council is a food startup incubator designed to lower barriers to market entry for food entrepreneurs The region's largest incubator for food entrepreneurs -  Kitchen Council is a project of the Greater Omaha Chamber and community partners, Iowa West FoundationCouncil Bluffs ChamberConagra Brands, and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The 2,500-square foot Kitchen Council facility includes a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, as well as access to business-development assistance and additional resources. The startup accelerator will expand to its colocation, the PACE Hoff Family Arts and Culture Center, in 2019. 

Clean Energy


  Due to abundant wind and solar resources, a strong history of business and state support, and the work of the Iowa Environmental Council and our partners, Iowa has become as a national clean energy leader in recent years, producing more energy with wind – over 36 percent – than any other state. 

The Startup Collaborative


   The Startup Collaborative is an on-demand accelerator that radically improves the odds of success for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who aim to build a high-growth, software-centric companies in the Midwest.  Our company-building methodology helps founders start up, quickly find product-market fit and tackle the early challenges of scale in a way that increases the odds of success and buys down all potential risks associated with starting up and innovation.